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At Natural Kid Doc we don’t just specialize in naturopathic pediatrics, but also women’s health. In particular, we help our patients manage hormonal imbalances, including thyroid function, PMS, irregular periods or painful periods.

Hormonal issues can be very multifactorial. They can stem from poor gut health, stress, environmental issues, and even genetics. Most common symptoms manifest as brain fog, painful periods, heavy periods, irregular periods, recurrent headaches/migraines, constipation, loose stools, irritability, breast tenderness, and infertility or trouble conceiving.

Treatments for hormonal complaints depend on what is happening in a woman’s body. Since every woman is different, testing and treatment should reflect what's going on in your body. Comprehensive hormone testing is often used as a tool to help guide appropriate treatment.

Treatments include not only hormonal management, but also, gut health evaluation and management, stress reduction and HPA axis (stress response system) regulation, with the use of botanical medicine, supplements, nutritional and lifestyle changes.

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