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Both of our daughters have seen Dr. Smialek as patients since the day they were born.

What has been most comforting about her practice is her holistic approach when treating the girls when they have been sick (which is rare for them to even be sick). From my own personal experiences as well as the experiences I hear from my girlfriends who are moms, most conventional doctors do not offer natural immune support options when treating children. I love that Dr. Smialek provides options and educates her patients on supplements such as probiotics, vitamin d, zinc (and the list goes on) to not only help treat my girls when they don't feel well but most importantly to help prevent them from getting sick in the first place.

I highly recommend Dr. Smialek as your child's pediatrician. It amazes me that all doctors don't take the same approach she does. Hopefully she will set a new standard in pediatrics and her philosophy will soon be the new norm!

Jena L.

Dr. Smialek is a wonderful doctor. I sought her out after my daughter had two rounds of pneumonia this winter. Her gentle guidance has helped me transform my daughter’s health. I am so grateful to her. She spends quality time getting to know the issues. This seems to be a lost art in medicine and I am truly appreciative. Not to mention, my daughter loves to go there. If you are looking for a Pediatric Naturopath, she is the Dr. to see.


Dr. Smialek is a wonderful pediatrician. We have been taking our three children to her for about three years. She truly listens to you and no concern is too small. I fact she wants to hear every detail about your child’s health and creates a plan for your situation. She is compassionate and we could not be happier. She has helped our family with everything from digestive issues, self control and asthma. If you have never been to a naturopathic doctor before you will be surprised. During the appointment you will be face–to–face with Dr. Smialek the entire time. She truly knows our children and we are thankful to have her on our team.


Came across this practice when looking for a pediatrician Nautropath doctor. Regular doctors were pushing to have surgery on my daughter to remove adenoids and tonsils, but I was not convinced as she did not have chronic respiratory illness. I found doctor Smiliek at this practice and have been going there to the last 3 or so months. When you opt for the Naturopath route don’t expect a quick fix, expect long term holistic benefits. The doctor spent 1.5 hours with me and my daughter in our first visit and over 1 hour in each subsequent visits. She takes her time to know every patient and tries to find the route cause of what might be causing physical. l condition. She treats a person as a person and not as a check the box process like most regular doctors who spend 5 minutes with a patient. Dietary changes are usually required in the naturopath process but again all well worth it in the long run considering the life–long benefits for children. No insurance accepted which gets expensive but still cheaper than undergoing surgery even with insurance. Highly recommend if you are tired of doctors who don’t take the time to understand the problem, medicate everything with antibiotics and resort to invasive procedures.


Dr. Smialek is so personable and kind! We initially came to her when our high needs son was having horrible sleep issues and having a hard time with anxiety. She explained in detail how naturopathic care was different from general medicine, that our goal was to find and treat the cause, not just manage the symptoms. She was very patient as this was a new concept to my husband, and understanding of how vulnerable we felt, not knowing how to help our son. With education, homeopathy and time, we were able to completely get rid of his night terrors, bed wetting and his is anxiety has significantly decreased. We are so grateful and I recommend her to everyone I can looking for a higher level of care.


Dr. Smialek is truly passionate about helping kids feel their best. She takes the time to listen to all of your concerns and then goes to work so your child can begin to feel better. Her bedside manner is top notch. She is very friendly and easy to open up to and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a more natural approach for their child/children.


I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Smialek. She is so wonderful to my children and takes the time to ask me questions about their health, temperament, diet, sleep, etc.


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