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Dr Hanna Haverinen

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Dr Haverinen, or Dr Hanna, is a naturopathic physician who focuses on pediatrics and women's health. She treats all patients, from newborns to teenagers, with various acute and chronic conditions. She is passionate about neuropsychiatric conditions in pediatric populations. These include autism, PANS/PANDAS, OCD, ODD, depression, anxiety, aggression, and other social/behavioral challenges. She will also tackle GI conditions, allergies, autoimmunity, hormonal issues, skin/acne concerns, headaches, pain and mental health in all ages, just to mention a few. She is trained to treat pain by using perineural or intra-articular (inside joints) injections which are effective tools to address musculoskeletal pain in children and adults.

Dr Hanna received her naturopathic medical degree from Sonoran University of Health Sciences. She also has a doctorate in Applied Electronics, hence her love for science and research. She is currently finishing up her doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine, herbs and acupuncture. Additionally, she is highly trained in homeopathy and will use it with acute and chronic conditions. Her love for homeopathy and children led her to this path as a naturopathic physician.

Dr Hanna is also a mom to two daughters, who are the reason for her decision to become an ND. She loves to work with all children and their caregivers. She once was the scared mom looking for answers for her own kids with neuropsychiatric challenges. She understands the value of healing exhausted moms and dads: healed and healthy parents can take care of their kids better. She is originally from Finland which often peaks through her accent. She recharges by playing her piano and singing which she does daily. You also might see her dancing enthusiastically at a Zumba class.

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